Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Goodbye Middle Class

More evidence that the political parties could care less about the Middle Class and working poor was the firing of RNC fund raisers from the telecommunications department two weeks ago. The fund raisers are paid about $7 an hour and have the task of calling thousands of donors across the country asking for donations to the RNC. These calls are made to donors that give, on average, anywhere from $25 to $150 -- in other words, the fired fund raisers are looking for handouts from the Middle Class, not from corporate interests. Read all about it, here.

But the entire office of 65 people was fired because they just weren't bringing in the dough. We do know that the #1 issue potential donors were complaining about is the immigration, Bush-McCain amnesty. People don't want it to happen. As explained in a previous post, the immigration issue isn't one of "Left v. Right" -- it's an issue that divides people between the Wealthy and the Middle Class. Well, the donors simply stopped giving because they simply are tired of Bush avoiding his job of law enforcement. It's my assessment that the politicos in the RNC came to the conclusion that the constant phone calls from their office were more effective in stirring up emotions than in raising money.

But the RNC still needs money, of course. The result? The RNC is now focusing ALL of its fund raising efforts on the wealthy donors. This is mostly special interests and the business community. In other words, the RNC wants nothing to do with the Middle Class and is tired of hearing the voters complain. They falsely believe that the Republican Party can exist solely on the support of its most wealthy donors.

They underestimate the power of the vote. The Party will lose in 2008 like it did in 2006 as a result of people simply not showing up to vote. The only hope for the RNC is that it begins listening to the People. Under Mel Martinez's leadership, however, this is unlikely to happen.

"Goodbye, Middle Class!"

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