Thursday, June 14, 2007

Senator Feinstein = President Bush

In yet another example of how power and money transcends partisan politics, California Senator Diane Feinstein recently responded to an e-mail I had sent her regarding President Bush's illegal alien amnesty. The fact is, the President could enforce existing immigration laws anytime he wants. He's chosen against enforcing them altogether. Just like his father, I might add.

One would think that an opposing political party would take the White House to task for failing to uphold the rule of law. Especially when the failure to enforce the law has a negative impact on America's working poor and middle class. But we're talking about immigration law.

The failure to enforce borders and employer sanctions means an increase in poor laborers. An increase in poor laborers means lower wages; it basic economics. Lower wages means a greater profit margin. More profit makes the wealthy elites happy, regardless of whether they have an (R) or a (D) after their name.

And because Bush and Feinstein are both multimillionaires, they find companionship in pushing an amnesty bill that will perpetuate high profits at the expense of the taxpayer and Middle Class.

Compare these statements:

"The bill provides a path to legalization for the undocumented people now living in the U.S. It is not amnesty."

-- Senator Diane Feinstein (D-California); letter to constituents on Bush amnesty bill

With this bill, it is not amnesty."

-- President George W. Bush (R); speech pushing amnesty bill on June 1, 2007, available, here.

The pair doth protest too much, methinks. An amnesty by any other name smells just as sour.

Unfortunately, the elites have joined forces against the Middle Class. It is more evidence that we will return to the days of kings and paupers if we don't protest more.

But the second statement in Sen. Feinstein's letter is even more shocking:

I believe this bill helps restore the rule of law."

Really? So not enforcing laws on the books, giving illegal aliens and their employers a pass by not holding them accountable, and erasing 20+ years of immigration law will "restore the rule of law"?

It is one of the most preposterous statements I've heard from a policymaker in a long time.

The only thing that helps restore the rule of law is enforcement of the rule of law. The White House, the entire Democratic Party, and a group of neo-conservative policymakers have been working to destroy the rule of law for years. It's time we demand our laws be enforced.

"I said, it's not an amnesty!"

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