Tuesday, June 26, 2007

White House: "Give us amnesty, or else!"

It should be obvious to most that the White House's push for "comprehensive immigration reform" is driven by Big Business' demand for cheap labor. That's really all the White House wants. If the current amnesty bill were to be amended in a way that it included ONLY border enforcement and employer sanction measures -- two elements of "comprehensive reform" that President Bush claims he supports -- you would hear the White House immediately claim the bill to be a failure.

The White House is only pushing the amnesty portion of the bill.

If Bush wanted more enforcement, he could have been working for more enforcement for years through basic enforcement of laws already on the books. There are employer sanctions for hiring illegal aliens. There is a worker verification program that could be made mandatory with a presidential decree. And look at the border fence bill Bush begrudgingly signed nearly a year ago. Of the 800+ miles of double-fencing mandated, about a dozen miles have been constructed.

If Bush really was concerned about security and ending illegal immigration, one would assume that he'd be working overtime to make sure the fence was constructed.

But the White House has put all political capital and energy in pushing for the legalization of 12-15 million illegal aliens. Bush is constantly giving speeches, the White House website has been converted into "amnesty headquarters," and numerous White House officials have been twisting the arms of Senators in order to get the amnesty.

Every time Bush talks about "security" or "enforcement" it is ALWAYS in an effort to advance amnesty. As Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies puts it, Bush's political posturing can best be described as, "a spoonful of enforcement helps the amnesty go down."

And now, the White House is threatening more lawlessness if the People don't give in to their demands of mass amnesty.

Here's what Joel Kaplan, White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy said during a pro-amnesty press event just yesterday:

"...without immigration reform they're not going to get the tough new border security and work site enforcement measures that we need to get control of the border."

In other words, if there is no amnesty, the White House will make no effort at border security and work site enforcement.

When a White House that has built its credentials on national security threatens the People with non-enforcement of laws and decreased security, one must question the President's entire commitment to national security. Heck, six years after 9/11 our borders remain wide open -- that should be enough for one to question the White House's sincerity. How can the President claim that there are millions of "evil-doers" around the globe seeking our destruction, and at the same time be content with porous borders? The answer: Big Business wins out over security with this White House.

This amnesty bill is allowing the People to see our elected leadership's true colors. Money, not logic or the will of the People, is currently dictating policy.

How dare the White House threaten to abdicate its responsibility of national security! If Bush cannot do his job without capitulating to Big Business, then he must resign.

"Give in to my demands!"

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