Thursday, June 28, 2007

Goodbye Amnesty, Hello Enforcement!

Reminiscent of the Boston Tea Party, the American People today achieved a victory against the elite power structure that is Washington, D.C.!

Although media personalities are doing their best to marginalize what happened today, the defeat of the Bush-McCain-Kennedy-Big Business amnesty bill symbolized that the People can defeat
special interests if the People push hard enough. So many Americans called Capitol Hill to demand the bill's failure, that the Capitol Hill switchboard was literally fried! For most of the day, all phone lines were down. But, of course, Lou Dobbs was the only person in television media to report this fact.

There is really no reason this bill should have failed considering the millions of dollars and thousands of hours committed by Big Business, Big Religion, Big Ethnic Interest, Bid Media, the White House, the entire Democratic Party, half the Republican party, the RNC, the DNC, and dozens of foreign governments (Ireland and Mexico have been very active), etc, etc...

But the will and determination of the People have overcome the big money and strong-arm tactics. It's truly impressive and something we're not going to see for awhile. Congress understands very well that the voters are furious and want to see enforcement, not amnesty.

So what is the next step?

It should be clear to anyone following the immigration debate that Americans want enforcement -- along the border and in the workplace. And if you believe everything the proponents of this amnesty bill have said, there is no disagreement on the need for enforcement.

So, it's time to call their bluff.

It's time to tell Bush that amnesty has failed (for the third time) and that we MUST now move forward with enforcement.

This White House has based its entire existence on national security. If there really are millions of evil-doers around the globe who want to kill us all, it would probably -- just maybe, maybe -- make sense that we secure our borders and make sure that people are entering only through legal ports of entry.

It just might make sense that we require all businesses to sign up for the long-existing DHS Basic Pilot Program so that they can verify exactly WHOM they are hiring. Remember, prior to receiving illegal alien amnesty in 1986, the '93 WTC bombers were illegal aliens working illegally as NYC taxi cab drivers. The non-enforcement of workplace laws allowed them to make a living; the amnesty allowed them to travel to and from the Middle East to gain terrorist training.

It's not that difficult to understand how non-enforcement of immigration laws harms national security. Not to mention the negative impact on American workers, the Middle Class, and the poor.

So, Mr. President: If we all agree that enforcement of immigration laws is critical, and since the amnesty is history, will you now begin enforcing the laws on the books?

Stay tuned.
"No amnesty? Aye caramba!"

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