Sunday, January 7, 2007

Illegal Aliens "R" Us

Toys "R" Us, Inc. recently awarded a $25,000 prize to the "winner" of a New Year's Baby contest -- and then they had to withdraw the award when it became clear the the baby was born to a mother and father living in the United States illegally. According to a Toys "R" Us spokeswoman, the contest "eligibility rules required babies' mothers to be legal residents."

But then the pro-illegal alien, anti-sovereignty, open-borders crowd started screaming.

And Toys "R" Us buckled, awarded the $25,000 to the illegal alien family, and basically sent the message that Toys "R" Us sweepstakes rules don't matter in the slightest. Read all about it here, on

Now, we all should play EVERY contest offered by Toys "R" Us and break any sweepstakes rule necessary to assure a win. When we are disqualified, simply threaten a lawsuit. By their own actions, it's clear that rules apparently mean nothing.

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who understands immigration and demographics that the first child born on 2007 was to an illegal immigrant. This has a huge negative economic impact on taxpayers. For example, in San Diego, a report was quietly released last Spring which shows that over 40% of births requiring Medi-Cal funded deliveries (read: California taxpayer-funded deliveries) were to illegal aliens. This is an 18% increase from just 2001! State-wide, the cost to taxpayers for "free" birthing is over $400 million, annually. Where will we be in 5 more years? If our borders remain wide-open, we should expect huge increases -- Why give birth in Mexico if the American taxpayer is willing to foot the bill? Read a report, here.

Of course, one important part of the story remains unknown: Where the hell is Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)? This news has spread across the country. But is ICE listening? Will they do their job and deport the federal law-breaking Toys "R" Us parents?

Don't hold your breath. They're not "terrorists" but are simply taking jobs from legal immigrants and citizens while lowering wages. That's not something that concerns the feds....

After reading the CNN article, call Toys "R" Us and voice your concern: at 973-617-3500.

"We don't want to grow up!"

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