Thursday, January 4, 2007

Hasta la vista, Middle Class

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will soon propose that all children in California, including those in the state illegally, be guaranteed medical insurance as part of his "health-care overhaul," reports the Los Angeles Times.

The program would help at least 763,000 children and would cost the State of California (read, taxpayers) at least $400 million a year.

While the cost is steep, this program is a stepping stone to Schwarzenegger's larger plan: providing "free" health care to all people living uninsured in California. According to the Times, this larger plan would cost California taxpayers at least $10 BILLION a year.

The Times notes that "6.5 million Californians" are currently living without insurance. Of course, the Times errs in calling all of these individuals "Californians" -- what the Times does not mention is that there are about 3 million illegal aliens living in California. Perhaps half of the 6.5 million is made up of people who are citizens of a foreign nation.

The result: California taxpayers are paying for the failings of foreign governments that are happy to push their poverty north.

Californians already spend billions a year paying for illegal aliens in the form of public education, emergency medical treatment, prisons, etc. The economic and social impact of illegal immigration is narrow, however. California's poor don't pay taxes while the State's limousine liberals live in gated communities, send their children to private schools, and have financial advisers who shield their millions from the California Treasury.

It's middle class Californians who hand huge portions of their paychecks to the bureaucrats in Sacramento who seem bent on welcoming more and more foreign poverty in to the State. But this will not last indefinitely. The middle class is leaving California in droves to escape the onslaught of illegal immigration and ever-escalating tax rates. If things continue along the same path, we will see a return to the feudal state in California.

Only the wealthy will be able to afford to remain in California and the middle class will be completely replaced with a permanent, poverty-level class. It's a great setup for society's elites which is why our political leadership isn't trying to close our open borders. This is the new feudal society and it's coming to a state near you.

"Middle class... You're Terminated."

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