Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six Years Later, Wide Open Borders

While watching MSNBC's replay of the 9/11/01 broadcast this morning, I heard something that I hadn't previously heard. The Today Show hosts were interviewing a security official moments after the second WTC tower was struck. They were still trying to figure out what caused the attacks. The official noted that we "live in an open society" and that we are not safe because of the fact that our borders are not secure. He noted that thousands of people cross illegally every year.

And here we are, six years later... Nothing has changed.


M. Smith said...

The border won't be secure until our "leaders" decide to actually take the issue of being a sovereign nation seriously. It is criminal that six years after 9/11 that our borders and ports are not secure. WHEN we get attacked again it will a direct result of poor security

ThatWasDumb said...

Recent news reports indicate the reason we don't have a wall is because contractors can't find enough qualified americans to build it!!! In other news, contractors went to Home Depot in Los Angeles and found 10 "illegals" to build it in less time at half the cost. Back to you!!