Thursday, December 6, 2007

Calderon on U.S. Aid: "Give it to me!"

In the latest unbelievable example of Mexico's overreaching arrogance, Mexican President Felipe Calderon is demanding BILLIONS in U.S. taxpayer money with no strings attached, while stating in the same breath that Americans have "a total lack of understanding and aggravation, hostility toward Mexico."

The U.S. Congress is offering $1.4 BILLION of taxpayer money to the corrupt nation of Mexico with the hope that it will be used in that country's war on drug cartels. It's quite a generous sum of money, and one would think that any nation receiving these funds would be grateful to the American people.

But not Mexico.

In an UNBELIEVABLE statement, Calderon reacted to the possibility that there might be some conditions on the donation as follows:

"I cannot accept any submission or subordination...Give it to me. And give it to me without conditions!"

This ungrateful schmuck's statement should be immediately shot down by the President of the United States. The U.S. Congress should immediately end discussion on the aid package, and instead invest the $1.4 billion in border security.

But our current Executive and Legislative branches are full of deballed, pathetic individuals who remain too happy to give away taxpayer money. Don't look for a response any time soon.

But Calderon didn't stop there. He also said that U.S. presidential candidates are "swaggering, macho, and anti-Mexican."

He said that Americans have "a total lack of understanding and aggravation, hostility toward Mexico."

He then bizarrely criticized the way the U.S. spends its own money, saying that U.S. leaders are "spending Americans' money and putting the government into debt to finance their military adventure, and that is squeezing out private investment."

This last statement is supremely odd considering that Mexico has limited private enterprise in most of its industries -- namely, the oil industry -- a economic decision that has put 50% of Mexicans below the poverty level.

Bottom line, this is OUR money, Felipe. If you expect our country to hand over a billion dollars to one of the most corrupt countries in the Western Hemisphere with no conditions whatsoever, you are truly ignorant and arrogant. We've already taken in 15 million of your poverty-stricken countrymen to the detriment of the American taxpayer. And now we're offering you free money, yet you complain. Do you really wonder why Americans are becoming "anti-Mexican"?

Next time, Felipe, just say 'thank you' and follow our lead. Clearly, you need all the help you can get.

"This is a stick-up! Give me your money! Give it to me!"


misterbee said...

Badges?!? We aint got no steenkin badges!! We DONT NEED no steenkin badges!!!

RC said...

In a more rational era, this arrogant creep's actions would be considered an act of war...

Anonymous said...

We need to post these Obama stickers everywhere: