Sunday, September 2, 2007

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Meddling Mexicans are once again trying to eradicate the rule of law in the United States, and this time the loudest statements come from Felipe Calderon, the President of Mexico.

In response to the United States possibly enforcing our immigration laws for the first time in two decades, Calderon screamed the following at his recent "state of the union" speech:

"I want to express again an energetic protest at the unilateral measures taken by the U.S. Congress and government which exacerbate the persecution and abusive treatment of undocumented Mexican workers."

One hardly knows where to begin.

The term "persecution" suggests that innocent people are being thrown into prison, perhaps for a political or religious belief. However, illegal aliens are actually "prosecuted" for breaking federal law. Perhaps Calderon simply confused the two terms...

The phrase "abusive treatment" apparently refers to the fact that illegal alien Mexicans are returned to Mexico in accordance with the law (deportation). As explained in my most recent post, being forced to live in Mexico is arguably abusive treatment.

Finally, the odd use of the phrase "unilateral measures" is what deserves most attention. In reality, it make no sense because a nation generally enforces its own laws the only way it can: unilaterally. Should we be asking Japan to help us enforce U.S. immigration laws? I think not. What Calderon is suggesting is that immigration law is something to be determined by international standards. He's suggesting that the United Nations should be involved and that the United States has no legitimate right to protect its sovereignty and to deport people who violate it. Recall that Mexico has ALREADY threatened to take the State of Arizona to the World Court over the passage of Proposition 200, an overwhelmingly-supported ballot initiative that discouraged illegal immigration. This posturing is something that will grow out of control very soon. Hopefully we will have a President in the White House who will vigorously defend the United States should we end up in the World Court.

The current White House is following this closely, but likely sees how quickly their plan for amnesty will spiral out of control. The Bush White House has incorrectly calculated that the anticipated cries and screams from the open-border crowd that come as a result of minimal enforcement will turn public sentiment in favor of amnesty. But the more they yell, the more resolved the public becomes in ensuring our laws and sovereignty are respected.

Before relations with Mexico sour beyond repair, it's important that we build the border fence. There has never been a more pressing need to realize the saying "good fences make good neighbors." We've certainly learned that the exact opposite is true.

Calderon: "We're sending a million more soon..."
Bush: "Just do it quietly, amigo..."


Stone Cold Button said...

Kerri said...

If illegal alians can cross our borders,(broken law no, 1), buy and use fraudulant documents, state and federal, (broken law no. 2) commit identity theft, (broken law no. 3) work in this country illegally, (broken law no. 4) run drugs into our country (broken law no. 5) try to run down our border security guards, (broken law no. 6)Seems to me any American who is in jail for any of these reasons should be released. And the rest of American can consider that our country has no laws and we can commit any crime we want without punishment. After all what is good for Mexican's and other illegals is good for us right?
President Bush should have immidiatly contacted Mr. Calderon and informed him where his border ends and ours begins. AND that he is president of Mexico not America. And if he and his predicesors had done anything of worth and value for their own country, America would not be supporting 20 million of their countries impoverished.Mexico is trying to claim America for it's own. Wish we had a preident who was smart enough to see that. What an imbarrasment you are Mr. President! For these reasons and so many more, you are a trader to our country. You should be sitting behind bars not in the oval office. You and your administration have all but distroyed our country and our place of respect in the world community. Shame on you.

M. Smith said...

Why is it that Mexico, a country that uses it military to patrol it's own southern border, a country whose military has been proven to shoot illegals entering Mexico has a right to try and tell us anything about how we secure our borders? Our future as a sovereign nation is in serious jeopardy